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Message from the Executive Director


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We at Ascott Group Financial are proud to be celebrating our fourth anniversary. And we are looking forward to helping more people achieve their educational goals this year. If you're considering a loan for a participating school that meets your eligibility requirements, we'd be happy to help.                                               

                                                                  - Ken Porter. VP


"Please feel free to contact us."

Meet The Team

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Greg Beal

Scholarship Director

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Ken Porter

VP. Lending Director

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Ai Takahashi

Compliance Department

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We want to put the best Education opportunities in your reach with a simple hassle free loan or scholarship.

2024 Goals
As a private lender with a focus on education lending, Ascott Group offers creative ways to help individuals get the education they want. We bring skill and creativity to every loan request. We provide educational counseling as needed to help you in your journey. Borrowers from Japan and around the world come to us because we take a unique approach to helping you with your future.


We Support The following
These are the schools that qualify for our scholarships and education loans.

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Ascott Group 

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Language and Lifestyle

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English Pronunciation

English School


Vertice Society

Completing Your


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Voice Training

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